Natural beauty and care - for the whole family

ENZBORN® – natural skin care for the whole family

ENZBORN® is a skin care programme for the whole family - based on high-quality natural raw materials For almost 100 years now, valuable vegetable oils and herb extracts, selected moisturisers and important vitamins have formed the basis of all ENZBORN® products.

Initially it was the reputed milking fat which was so popular with the farmers and their wives because it was pleasant and good for their hands after hard work on the farm. Ensuing from this tradition, today ENZBORN® Milking Fat still remains a classic in our product range. We offer a selection of care lines adapted to suit a variety of different requirements: the Calendula Series, Dead Sea Series as well as many other products with well tried and tested active substances.

All products are subject to the strict product guidelines contained in the Human Cosmetics Directive. This is confirmed by the GMP status, the highest distinction which exists for human cosmetics.